About the Candidates

This year in Iowa City there are eight candidates running for City Council positions. Only four will be elected. See the voter guide for details. While politics tends to pit individuals against each other, in this race some alliances are forming among candidates and their supporters. In the local papers and media, letters of endorsement are supporting several candidates, rather than just an individual candidate. This website has been setup independently as a central portal where people can learn more about the Core4.

Those representing ‘the establishment’ such as the current and former mayor, and 63 downtown business owners, are endorsing Tim ConroyScott McDonoughRick Dobyns, and Michelle Payne. A Facebook page called Vote Iowa City has been launched in support of these candidates.

City Council member Jim Throgmorton, running for reelection, has endorsed Rockne ColeJohn Thomas, and Pauline Taylor (along with himself) — a group which has become known as the Core Four. A Facebook page called IowaCityCore4 has been setup for the Core 4 candidates.

While these natural alliances have formed, it's important to note that neither group is a formal slate, but instead are each individually running their own campaigns, and most of the candidates have cordially stated they would be happy to work with whoever else is serving on the City Council.

Jim Throgmorton


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Rockne Cole


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Pauline Taylor


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Individual Endorsements

Individually, the candidates known as the Core Four each have their own unique campaigns, supporters, and numerous endorsements. You can see those on their respective Facebook pages and websites. A sampling of the individual endorsements are offered here.

Jim Throgmorton Endorsement

"Throgmorton wants to increase participation and communication in the city, especially in the realm of urban planning. He questions the use of TIF in some past projects, and believes the city could be more transparent and trustworthy in how it applies these taxpayer incentives. Since joining the council, Throgmorton’s voice has been consistent not only in terms of balancing the past with the future, but in the need to do so in all neighborhoods. He’s earned another term." ~ Gazette Endorsement of Jim Throgmorton (The Gazette)

John Thomas Endorsement

"We became close friends with John Thomas while he was still creating parks and playgrounds for the city of San Francisco. We have never known anyone as passionate about the interplay between people and their community. He brought that passion to the Planning and Zoning Commission and to his volunteer work on the North Market Square Park. If you care about and take joy in our special little city, John Thomas would be a really nice counterbalance to the Mayor's preferred 'business before pleasure' slate." ~ Roberta and Jae Till Retz (Press-Citizen)

Rockne Cole Endorsement

"I support Rockne Cole for Iowa City Council. I have been friends with him and his wife, Mara, for 15 years. He is a tireless advocate for people in the community who are marginalized. He also cares about sustainable and equitable development and inclusive, affordable neighborhoods. He recognizes that Iowa City is more than a place to run a business and make money. It is a place to raise a family and share community with a diverse group of people. That is what makes Iowa City great after all. It isn’t just the university and downtown; it is all of the city, every person who lives here." ~ Sara Riggs (via The Gazette)

Pauline Taylor Endorsement

"There couldn’t be a nicer person than Pauline Taylor. She is friendly and approachable. You can count on her to care about and listen to your concerns. She has the knowledge, interpersonal skills, ability and will have the respect of her peers to work with them and represent you well on the council." ~ Tom Slockett (Press Citizen)


Visit the endorsements page for a longer listing of endorsements.