About this Website

This is a non-commercial, non-partisan, educational civics 'pop-up website' sponsored by AGovernmentOfThePeople.com. It is an adaptation of the article "The 2015 Iowa City Council Race in 10 Minutes." The content on this siteĀ is not paid for or endorsed by any candidate or campaign. The purpose of this site is to simply inform by serving as a portal to existing content. This site is journalistic in nature. As such, this site does not endorse any particular candidate, platform, or party. The site was launched on 29 October 2015. For those interested, the Iowa City Architecture Facebook page is a sister resource with recent campaign news and endorsements covering all candidates (not just the Core Four).

If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to suggest features or content for this site, please use the contact form below. To contact individual candidates, please use their own respective websites or Facebook pages. Thanks.